2015 Masjid Expansion Project

We are expanding our main prayer area along with adding a parking lot.

Please help us complete this project by donating to our Masjid. We are trying to raise $50,000 prior to Ramadan so we can complete the project immediately.


Summer Deen Intensive Classes - Every Weekday 05/26/2015 - 06/14/2015


Classes are held every day Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Both boys and girls welcome. Boys 5-12 / Girls 7-12/Sisters 13+ 

Quran (Recitation), Tajweed (Art of Recitation), Hadith (Phrophetic Narrations)


Check out our Youtube Videos Below:

d Please pass the word; you may contact us at 404-993-3400